Citizen (2014) telugu movie review and rating

Citizen (2014) telugu movie review and rating

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Surabhi, Ganesh Venkataraman, Vamsi krishna

Direction: M.Saravanan

Music: C.Sathya

Plot: Citizen is another one of those movies where the atrocities of politicians causes common man to revolt in their own way. Guna (Vikram Prabhu) a student of the law college gets subjected to something like this when the state law minister (Ganesh Venkataraman) keeps getting more corrupted each day involving himself in unbelievable atrocities that extend to Guna’s college. He then decides to teach him a lesson, the angry young man that he is.

In the process, Guna kidnaps the minister’s brother Eeswaran secretively, with no one from college knowing about it and successfully manages to get the minister jailed. Eeswaran then gets released by Guna, but then, he doesn’t want to keep quite and wants to take revenge for what Guna has done. How will the movie end and who will win the war is something that you’ve got to watch in the theatres for yourself.

Review: A predictable story that was dealt with rather intelligently. It keeps us hooked for its interesting plot and a good direction. The actors though should have done better. Vikram Prabhu fails to bring out all of the emotions that he needs to out on to his face and puts up a rather straight face from the beginning to the end. Surabhi, the female lead plays Vikram’s love interest and hasn’t got that much of a role. She looks beautiful in her role though and does a good job. It is Ganesh and Vamsi Krishna’s (who plays a cop) incredible acting talent that helps that movie greatly.

Bottomline : If you’ve covered all other movies and still have nothing to do, you can go watch Citizen.

Rating: 2.5/5

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