Jagapathi Babu’s Over Action Irks Priyamani

Family star Jagapathi Babu, who is having a tough time as his films are turning out to be disasters one after the other has landed in a new controversy now. Recently, he attended the Filmfare awards ceremony and was called on to the stage to give away the best actress award for Kannada film. The award was given to Priyamani for her performance as conjoint twins in Charulatha. The reaction by Jagapathi Babu was such as if they were both having an affair. “Nannu enduku pilicharo naku telusu…idi mari daarunam….maa madya nijanga edo undanukuneru…” this was his reaction. Priyamani made an awkward face and took her award. Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu acted in a three films. Except Pellaina Kothalo, none of the other films fared well. Due to this repeated combination, there were rumors that the couple were in a relationship. But now, Priyamani has moved to another level with her films being released in all four regional languages and also Bollywood. So there is no point why Jagapathi Bau has reminded of this rumor. This is bringing in new doubts whether they really had any kind of relationship. But Priyamani denied any such thing. Logically, even though they shared a special bonding during the Pellaina Kothalo days, given the position of Jagapathi Babu now, she would not like to continue any further.

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