Dil Raju’s daughter got engaged in a private ceremony

Did you know that the handsome Dil Raju, who looks like he has barely crossed his 30′s has a daughter who is old enough to get married? Apparently, he does and this girl got engaged this month. She is the only daughter of Dil Raju and has recently completed her graduation. The marriage, that is yet to take place is an arranged one and the boy belongs to their caste. Also, Dil Raju’s original name is V.Venkata Ramana Reddy and he hails from the Nizamabad district. He got to fame as Dil Raju because of his successful movie Dil which was his first as a producer.

This engagement was done in a very private ceremony unlike the recent weddings of RGV and Balakrishna. Dil Raju, who is rumored to be a very private person has always kept his family and other details in wraps. Now that this news is out, it will be a tough task for him to hide his daughter’s wedding from the media.

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