Burglar At Prabhas ‘s House

There was chaos and tension all over. But finally the case came to a conclusion. Going into the details, the Managing Director of Meenakshi Constructions Srinivasa Rao lives in Road No. 42 Jubilee Hills beside Prabhas ‘s house. Last night there was a thief who tried to barge into his house for burglary. His watchman saw the thief and chased him. The thief tried to escape but the watchman caught him. The thief then took a knife out of his pocket and the watchman was injured badly. He then jumped into Prabhas ‘s house and then escaped. Now the interesting part is, the knife with which the thief injured the watchman was found inside the premises of Prabhas ‘ s house. When the police came to inquire about it, all the e people in his house were shocked. They said that they had no idea how this knife came into their house. All the servants in their house were questioned and the police found that nobody has a connection with this burglary.

Prabhas, who is currently shooting for Rajamouli ‘s Baahubali at Ramoji Film City. Prabhas was quite surprised to know about this. Of course, he might have made some phone calls  to some of his close associates within the police department and solved the issue. But one fails to understand that when a burglar enters your house and escapes very smoothly, how come anyone from Prabhas ‘s house fail to observe this. This guy must definitely be a burglary genius or Prabhas ‘s servants and Watchmen are quite lazy.

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