Amrutham serial comes to an end

The mega comedy serial in Gemini Tv, Amrutham is coming to an end. Made by the famous producer Gunnam Gangaraju of Just Yellow banner, this weekly serial ran for 313 episodes non-stop and with lot of fun, comedy and entertainment. This serial always took the current topic in the society and made parady of it. Amrutam serial went on for 6 years with highest TRP rating even till today.amrutham1 Amrutham serial comes to an end

The last episode will be telecast on 18th November 2007 and incidentally Amrutham serial started on the same day six years back ie on 18th November 2001.Amrutham serial is being stopped or discontinued not because of reduced TRP ratings but because of lack of script and also lack of man power to script for the serial.

amrutham2 Amrutham serial comes to an endIn a press meet yestrday held at Just Yellow office, Amrutam serial producer and also script maker, Gangaraju Gunnam announced that this serial is coming to an end. He also said that this serial was the first serial made on men when all other serials in all other popular tv channels were only concentrating on ladies and their sentiments and emotions. A total of 11 directors who were all debutants directed this serial all these years.

The artists of the serial, Gundu Hanumantha Rao who did the role of Anji, Inturi Vasu who was Sarvam – the server and Sivannarayana who acted as Appaji were also present for the press meet and expressed their happiness for working with Gangaraju. They also said that Gunnam taught them a lot and also they were sad because the serial was coming to an end. Urmila Gunnam was also present at the press meet.

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