Caste in Tollywood!!!

Caste feeling in Tollywood is increasing as the age of telugu cinema progress. Our Telugu cinema has completed 75 years and caste feeling in telugu cinema has also completed 75 years. This was first started by the heroes and is now continuing in the fan groups. The heroes are fine and friendly but the fans are fighting with each other for their heroes and some are even being killed because of this caste feeling. The community and caste following in Andhra Pradesh is as follows:

1. Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun: Kapu community of all areas of Andhra Pradesh, BCs of Krishna and Guntur, Few Reddys of Nelluru and Rayalaseema areas and few of Brahmins and Vyshyas.
stylish chiranjeevi smile Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish pavan smile Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish alluarjun smile Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish balayya smile Caste in Tollywood!!!
2. Balakrishna: 50% of Kamma society of all areas, BCs of Rayalaseema, BCs, Velamas, Goudas and Muslims of Vizag and Srikakulam areas.

3. Nagarjuna and Venkatesh: Not much of fan following in Kamma society but has a lot of lady fan following. Young girls like Nagarjuna and family ladies like Venkatesh.
stylish nag smile Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish venkatesh smile Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish mahesh still Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish prabas smile Caste in Tollywood!!!
4. Mahesh Babu: Least amount of Kamma fan following. But recently, with the greatr success of his movies, Kamma people fell that only Mahesh Babu can be their next saviour in telugu film industry. But the plus point for this hero is 90% of Andhra girls are behind him.

5. Prabhas: Complete Raju community is behind him. He has die-hard fans in Bhimavaram and surrounding areas.

6. Jr.NTR: 50% in Kammas, 30% of Brahmins, 25% of BCs and 20% of Muslims like him.
stylish junior ntr Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish nitin Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish jagapati Caste in Tollywood!!!stylish ravi teja Caste in Tollywood!!!
7. Nitin: Reddy community had hopes on him but he couldnt fulfil their hopes.

8. Srikanth, Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Teja etc: not much of fan following so not much of community following.

But this type of fan following should change. There should be an healthy type of fan following. The heroes are friendly but the fans fight. What do the heros give us? Why should we fight for them? Some of these fans fight even when they cross over-seas and prove to be a real Andhrite. We, the fans should also be friendly like the heros and prove that we are heros in real life. SO FANS THINK…..CHANGE…..AND BECOME A FAN OF TOLLYWOOD BUT NOT A PARTICULAR HERO.

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