Rajesh ’s next, an Arya and Tamanna starrer

Director Rajesh ’s recent flick All in all Azhaguraja, as we all know, did not do that well at the box office. But the director is gearing up for his next film already and this will star his close buddy, Arya. After his cameo in Arrambam and the success of Raja Rani, Arya is one happaening actor in kollywood. So making a film with him would definitely bring the director back into the limelight winning back all the popularity that he has lost with the failure of All in all Azhagu Raja.

In this movie which is supposedly going to be a comical one, Tamanna gets chosen as the leading lady and we will get to see Arya and Tamanna pair up for the very first time. Also in the film will be Rajesh’s favourite comedian who he believes brings him tremendous luck, Santhanam.

This will be the second time that Arya will be teaming with Rajesh after their film Boss Engira Baskaran. Arya has also made a cameo appearance in all of Rajesh’s movies till date except for All in all Azhagu raja being his best buddy in the industry. Let’s hope working with Arya in this movie will bring luck to the director and bring back all his lost glory.

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