Siddharth Talks About Marriage In A Recent Interview

 Siddharth Talks About Marriage In A Recent InterviewActor Siddharth, who is known for his hostility to the media, decided to wipe off the image by calling for a press conference with the Chennai media. At the press conference, he spoke about his latest release Something something that went on to become a huge hit at the kollywood box office.

With rumors about a broken marriage, live in relationship with Shruthi Hassan and an alleged love affair with Samantha that led to them getting engaged, Siddharth’s love life often makes more news than his movies. This naturally led to a lot of questions on his personal life and marriage at the conference. Siddharth is said to have answered them by promptly telling them that he was not thinking about marriage at the moment, as with so many projects in hand, he has no time for marriage. Had he been this open about his personal life from the beginning, the media would not have had to assume so many things.

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