Anushka Needs To Lose Weight For Rudrama Devi

anushka Anushka Needs To Lose Weight For Rudrama DeviAnushka, who was continuously cast in historical roles ever since she set the screen on fire with her role in Arundhati fits into them perfectly with her statuesque figure and an intensity that only she can bring about to the character. It was not a surprise that she was chosen for portraying Rudrama Devi, the ancient queen in the upcoming film of the same title.

This time though, Anushka was taken by surprise when the directors felt that Anushka needs to lose some weight for her role. They wanted her to lose atleast 10 to 15 kgs for her role as Rudrama Devi. It is said that the actress was kept on a strict diet and fitness regime for the next two months so she can lose weight. This, however might not be a very difficult task for her, as she is a yoga guru herself.

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