Sunil ” Bheemavaram Bullodu” shooting in Hyderabad

sunil Sunil  Bheemavaram Bullodu shooting in Hyderabad Hero Sunil, who is flying high and high in his career is very busy with almost 5 movies now, though 3 of them are yet to start. He is pretty busy with another 2 going on at brisk pace, out of which none other than Suresh Productions are producing a movie called Bheemavaram Bullodu directed by Uday Shankar.

Mani Sharma is roped in to compose the musical scores for the movie and Ester Noronha is doing the female lead in the movie. The recent news is that the movie shoot is going on at Hyderabad as of now in which some Action sequences and a song is being shot. Hero Sunil along with the major cast are attending the shoot.
Uday Shankar who claimed to fame with Block Busters like Kalisundam Raa in the past failed to entertain the audience with movies like Ra Raju and Baladoor later but this time he is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he would come back to the  top league once again.

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