Santhosh Sivan’s ‘Ceylon’ in full swing

Santosh Sivan 300x203 Santhosh Sivan’s Ceylon in full swingAfter the super success story with ‘Urumi’, Santosh Sivan is now getting  ready with his next much talked about directorial venture, ‘Ceylon’.  Although the title raised curiosity and little bit of controversy, the film  maker has clarified that it has nothing to do with the LTTE or anything  connected with them. Ceylon is being made simultaneously in both Tamil  and English, and stars a 15 year old boy in a lead role. Ceylon is the story of  four boys caught in the midst of a war in Sri Lanka. The fact that Sivan  spent months together researching and getting the footage right shows that  we are in for yet another explosive and entertaining rendition from the ace  director.

Watch this space as we get back to you with more on Ceylon.

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