Orange Censor Completed-Insider’s Review

ram charan tej orange movie Orange Censor Completed Insiders Review

Orange has completed its censor and according to sources the movie has received a thumbs up from the board. Especially the comedy punch of Brahmanandam alongside Ram Charan in the first half is going to leave the audience in splits. The second half has an unexpected twist and Genelia like she has already stated excels in the post-interval episodes. Looks like this one is not just an out and out love story. Well, “Love in Fall” is sure to rock.

1. Bhaskar’s Storyline and flawless narration.
2. Songs Picturization.
3. Genelia terrific performance especially in the second half.
4. Ultimate Comedy Timing from Brahmi in First Half.
5. Charan Terrific Signature Dance Movements in 2 songs and his dialogue delivery.

Verdict – 4.5/5

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