Political parties fighting on Chiranjeevi family affair

Andhracongress party Political parties fighting on Chiranjeevi family affair telugudesam party Political parties fighting on Chiranjeevi family affairPradesh state politics has now pulled Megastar Chiranjeevi also into it. Telugudesam Party and Congress Party are fighting with each other on Srija and Sirish affair by blaming each other. First it was Telugu Desam party which started it all….the story goes as follows…

Telugu desam media cel incharge Nannapaneni Rajakumari blamed 3 congress MPs for their involvement in Srija Sirish marriage and all the episode that followed till now. She also stated in front of the media that out of these 3 MPs one is from Telangana region and two are from Andhra Region. She even let out the names but it would not be correct by www.cinegola.com to mention them without any solid proofs. She also added that if Chiru enters Andhra politics then it would be Congress party which will be effected the most, so only congress leaders planned all this against him to demoralize him and also depopularize him.

By giving all these statements infront of the media she achived two things…..

chiru13 Political parties fighting on Chiranjeevi family affair1. She depopularized congress party and also openly challenged them.

2. She got the sympathy and trust of Chiranjeevi and also his entire fan following (but will Chiru and his fans really trust her without any proofs ???).

This news was first telecast in all news channels of Andhra Pradesh but was suddenly limited to only scrollings in TV9 and even other news channels like NTV and TV5 sensored the names of the MPs who are said to be involved in this issue.

A person as great as Chiranjeevi is also not being left behind by our state political parties. The state politicians are using anything and everything to win the confidance of common Andhra man. They are using even personal affairs like Srija Srish case for their benifits. We will have to wait and see how this political fight in this issue will turn out.

keep watching www.cinegola.com for further updates on this issue….

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