Krishna Vamsi’s real life love stor(y)ies.

Now let’s keep actors, actress a side and for a change speak abt the directors. Of course this director we are talkin about is(was!) very closely related to a “beauty” of Tollywood. Infact her husband! This is yesterday’s story.

And today’s goes like this. Any guesses as to why Krishna Vamsi from his “Sri Anjaneyam” to ‘yet to be released’ “Rakhi” has fixed Charmi as the heroine? Oh, you must have started guessing now.Yes, according to sources Krishna Vamsi has almost accepted Charmi as “heroine of his life”.Don’t know if temporary or permanent,but “PRESENT”!

krishnavamshi ramya Krishna Vamsi’s real life love stor(y)ies. Then what about yesterday’s charming beauty,Ramya Krishna, his official wife and their only son??? According to sources ,they had differences on various issues which included Krishna Vami’s innumerable losses.Even though they have started living separately,it still remains a ?. While Ramya is in Chennai, Krishna Vamsi is busy in Hyderabad wid his personal life with Charmi. It seems like it is going on unofficially, but now it is in ‘the’ hot topic in Tollywood.

Tollywood has till date witnessed Actor-actress breakups and relationships. This director-actress(not even one,but two) comes as a surprise to all. Let’s think the other way, maybe Charmi(is she really charming??????!!!!!) this way is trying for a permanent seat in Tollywood.She still didn’t realise the fact that Krishna Vamsi’s directing career is running in “losses”(both materially and manually).This is Krishna Vamsi’s ‘real’ love story.

But, lemme tell u, I never knew that Krishna Vamsi had so much following. Or is it the other way???

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